Railway Access Platform

Railway contracted mobilityxl to design and build a lift that would enable wheelchair users to easily enter and exit their trains. The brief also highlighted the need for the lift to function at different heights, in order to meet the variations in platforms across the rail network.

The existing ageing systems were electrically powered, however charging capabilities and failure to keep the units charged frequently resulted in the lifts not being able to function causing operational problems. The task therefore was to have a system that was mainly manual for movement around the station with options for both powered and manual raising and lowering movements.

mobilityxl developed a new scissor lift design created within 4 weeks of the brief, utilizing a dual entry and exit platform. This would enable the wheelchair user to enter at ground level, be transported safely to the train using the wheeled platform and then the lift can be raised to the train floor level to facilitate an exit from the other end of the lift onto the train.

Client feedback to the design has been extremely positive and resulted in numerous orders.