GEMxt Metering System Upgrade

A North Sea Oil and Gas production company’s fiscal metering system, comprising 4 separate export gas streams, 3 export oil streams and a bi-directional oil proving system had been in operation for a number of years.

Due to impending obsolescence of certain key components of the hardware architecture the client needed to upgrade the system while the platform was still in full operation.

The gas export system comprised 4 export streams, each equipped with an Orifice meter, secondary pressure and temperature instrumentation, and actuated stream control valves. A gas chromatograph provided compositional data for the export skid. The oil export streams used turbine meters

aquidataxl’s GEMxt supervisory system provided the main user interface to the system in the form of graphical mimic representations of the streams, including alarm management. All process variables and calculated totals are displayed to the operator,and are stored in an Oracle database from which they can be retrieved for hourly and daily reporting, trending, and further analysis. Data is transmitted to the client’s onshore systems at their Aberdeen HQ and the gas receiving terminal.